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Magpie etching

Magpie etching

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This is a limited edition aquatint etching of a standing magpie. Printed onto Somerset 250gsm acid free paper, with Cranfield Caligo safe wash oil-based ink and tinted with water colour paint. The magpie has been painstakingly cut out of the zinc plate by hand with a jewelry saw. Signed and numbered on the front (this print is untitled). This is a limited edition of 25 prints.

Paper size (approx): 28.5 x 22.5cm

Etching is a process that involves covering a metal plate in a thin ground, and scratching the line work of the image into this. The plate is then emersed traditionally in acid, but in my case I use the less dangerous alternative of copper sulphate, in order to etch the line into the metal. 'Aquatinting' is the process of exposing larger areas of the pate to the copper sulphate for differing amounts of time to create areas of tone.

As prints are made individually by hand, please expect slight variation in detail and ink density, which makes every print unique.

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